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Breakthrough technology for skin barrier restoration and post-cosmetic procedure recovery. Calcium-T provides a unique mechanism to repair the skin barrier by regulating ˇ§Calcium signalingˇ¨ for skin cell growth. By adjusting the calcium gradient concentration to its optimal state, Calcium-T helps the skin restore to normal and healthy conditions, hence promoting better epidermal recovery, preventing hyperpigmentation, and reducing risk of allergies and infection.

Powerhouse of skin health benefits. Restoration of skin barrier function using Calcium-T, increases skin protection against ultraviolet and mechanical challenges, as well as enhancing skin moisturization and elasticity.

Two main concepts of Calcium-T technology:

Part 1: The epidermis contains a unique calcium gradient, essential for normal regeneration of the skin barrier

Part 2: The unique composition of a Calcium-T mineral complex can restore the calcium gradient of a normal skin barrier, promoting better recovery and regeneration.

Use of Calcium-T Technology

  • Recovery of skin barrier function after damaged due to:

  Cosmetical procedures on skin (laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion etc.)

  Skin diseases (acne, eczema, psoriasis etc.)

  •   Restoring the balance of calcium gradient after changes due to:

  Dry environment

  High sun exposure

  Blood dialysis in kidney failure etc.


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