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GENEPHARM offers a number of collaboration opportunities:

Formulation & Pre-Clinical Services:
GENEPHARM Skin Research provides innovative, efficient, and predictive approaches to topical formulation development for the pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare industries. The focus of GENEPHARM Skin Research is on the utilization and integration of state-of-the-art in vitro methodologies to study the skin penetration, efficacy, and safety of topical formulations.
Brand Creation & Technology Licensing:
GENEPHARM has helped other pharmaceutical firms across the globe in the development of new skin care, cosmeceutical, and other mass market products through brand creation and licensing of its technology. With innovative solutions for topical drug application, like Calcium-T and Aero-Foli, GENEPHARM can help with your company's needs for product creation or integration.
Technology Alliances & Transfers:
Companies seeking to grow and improve their preexisting or yet to be developed technologies can share in the wealth of knowledge that GENEPHARM offers in its unique innovations and well practiced capabilities. Through shared technology, companies can develop products independently or collaboratively partner with GENEPHARM experts. This has already lead to GENEPHARM's successful improvement in its own Gel-Pad technology and through technology transfers, helped to develop multiple topical OTC and prescription drugs.

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