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To facilitate the release of non-prescription products into the market, addressing needs in the skin care field for adjunct therapy. These products should be dispensed at a physician's practice or a professional's office, for consumers to obtain and use, under the guidance of said physicians or professionals.
To establish topical drug delivery systems for various dermatological products, which can then be used to formulate both prescription and non-prescription medications. The main characteristic of which, will be a targeted drug delivery through the skin. Active compounds should be delivered at the appropriate skin site (layer, depth, type), through the intended pathway (transcellular or follicular), and in the proper dosage for the designated duration.
To incorporate active pharmaceutical ingredients into suitable delivery systems, in the appropriate dosage, for particular dermatological conditions. These final products will be, effective, safe, and convenient to use. The strong performance and safety of these products will be achieved through more efficient delivery systems, through the skin, and a reduction of residual or unused materials left on the skin's surface.

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