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     US Patent# 7300649.

     Tanojo H, Ting W, Huang X. Application of topical formulations containing  calcium in mineral complex to enhance skin barrier regeneration. In: American Academy of Dermatology Summer Meeting; San Diego; 2006. p. P800.

     Tanojo H, Huang X, Maibach Hl. Role of Calcium Ions in the regulation of Skin Barrier Homeostasis. In: Loden M, Maibach Hl, editors. Dry Skin and Moisturizers. Chemistry and Function. 2nd ed. Boca Raton: CRC Press; 2006. p. 63-70.

     Tanojo H, Maibach Hl. Role of calcium ions in relation to skin barrier function. In: Bronaugh RL, Maibach Hl, editors, Percutaneous Absorption: Drugs-Cosmetics- Mechanisms - Methodology. 3ed; 1999. p. 939-950.


     Patent pending.

     Tanojo H, Huang X, Maibach Hl. Foam for Enhanced topical delivery: An Overview. Dermatologica Sinica; 2007; 25: 10-15.

     Huang X, Tanojo H, Lenn J et al.: A novel foam vehicle for delivery of  topical corticosteroids. J Am Acad Dermatol; 2005; 53: S26-S38.


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