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Product Development Services  

GENEPHARM provides the following services:

  • For developing new pharmaceutical or cosmetics products
  •   Formulation development

    Utilizing vast knowledge on skin biology and chemical substances related to skin, GENEPHARM helps many companies to create a new formula from a newly synthesized chemicals or reformulate and improve existing formulas to achieve better efficacy and delivery.

      Pre-clinical research

    GENEPHARM has the capabilities and experiences to perform a series of preliminary and turn-key research studies to provide good information for decision making and accelerate the development process of new products.

  • For skin care, cosmeceutical and other mass markets
  •   Brand creation

    By using the experience and technologies offered by GENEPHARM's vast portfolio, companies can create new brands of skin care products and be opened to various emerging and growing markets worldwide.

      Technology licensing

    Through the licensing of its exclusive technology, companies have worked together with GENEPHARM to co-develop successfully released new skin care products into the global market, such as facial masks, cleansers, body mist and creams.

  • For adjuvant therapy, OTC and prescription drugs
  •   Technology alliance

    Working with other biotechnology companies, GENEPHARM has conducted collaborative research and increased the skin penetration rate of large drug molecules over 10 times, using the its patented technology.

      Technology transfer

    Some parts of GENEPHARM's technology platforms can be authorized and transferred to other companies. Under the guidance of GENEPHARM, those companies have successfully developed pharmaceutical OTC and prescription drugs.

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